The Top 12 Compelling Reasons We Chose Squarespace

As a business owner there are a lot of decisions you have to make, and where you will host and design your website is a biggie. There are a thousand things to consider when thinking about what you need in a website, how it will look, how it will speak to your ideal client, what you will need it to do for you, and so on. And more often than not, there are even items you weren't aware you need to consider. So to help you out with weighing your options we put together a list of all the most compelling reasons (these are just the top 12 reasons, there are definitely more!) we chose to design only on Squarespace for our clients' websites (and our own!).

To kick things off let's begin with, we feel, one of the most powerful features in their arsenal, their gorgeous high-end professional Squarespace Templates.


1. Stunning Professional Templates

No doubt, Squarespace has a beautiful collection of over 65 on-trend sophisticated website templates, but these only serve as a starting point to where you can potentially take the design of your site. You want your website to get attention and make an impact, right? That's just what these designs do. Their aesthetic is aimed at looking expensive, high-end, and absolutely like you spent serious money on a pro designer (whether you hire someone or not). There are a variety of categories that apply to many different industries, as well as templates that serve various purposes, such as eCommerce, creative services, or blog centered businesses. And you can change your template to revamp your site anytime you choose!

Additionally, photography on Squarespace, whether it's your own or stock images, is undeniably stunning, crisp, and vibrant. And you can change your template and revamp your site anytime you Check out these amazing featured websites built on Squarespace! You won't be disappointed.


2. Knowledgeable 24/7 Tech Support

If you are someone who loves having a lot of resources at hand when tackling a project then this platform is for you. Whether you are a person who wants to go directly to the Squarespace customer care team, check out the Squarespace Youtube Channel for quick tutorials, or ask questions in the community forum, there are a ton of places you can find help when you need it.  You may also find what you are looking for in their extensive video library on various help topics, or even in one of the many Facebook support groups you can join to ask questions and get ideas for your site.

The customer care team at Squarespace is very responsive (usually replying to emails inside an hour) and available via chat 24/7. So when you are up at 3am building that business, (because do we really sleep?) you can ask someone how to move that template block or locate a specific setting. It's very convenient for us night owl entrepreneurs. 


3. Powerful Design Customization, Without Code

The Squarespace Style Editor is a powerhouse of style options, customization and design settings. Talk about branding with ease! You simply click an element on the page you want to edit, and the design setting shows up on the left side. Once you edit it, you'll see exactly how it will look. You can change colors, buttons, outlines, transparencies, site width, fonts, backgrounds, and more fun things! Unlike other DIY builders, this editor has, by a mile, more customization options. This is where your base template becomes just the framework in which you actually control the design of your site. All of this, without code!! Sure there are a ton of CSS code tricks out there to help with advanced customization but the built in editor is so comprehensive that you won't be left feeling like you have a cookie cutter site. And if you don't like what you did? Just cancel your changes and it resets back to the way it was. This way you can play around with site changes before saving permanently! 

Pro Tip: To quickly brand your entire site before diving into your full layout, create a mood board page so you can see all of your brand design settings in one place. You simply create a blank page, add all of the brand elements (all button sizes, all font sizes, newsletter block, image gallery options, and anything else you'll be using) and then open the editor and customize them all in one place. Then you are able to see your design settings cohesively and make quick changes for brand consistency.


4. Ease of Use (WYSIWYG)

Squarespace is EASY. Yes, you'll need to learn the ropes of how to use the editor, just like anything else, but once you do it's seamless and really fun to design with. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is the way Squarespace has gone in the recent past and it is a beautiful thing.


While you are dragging, dropping, clicking, and moving design elements around your pages with ease, you are seeing exactly how it will look. Editing content blocks is ridiculously simple and fun! You just organize all of your copy, images and other blocks with an editing line that shows up when you want to line up a block of content with another element on the page. It shows you exactly where it will align. Want your image to show up right under a block of text? The line shows up right where you want it and you drop it in. No confusing code or tech-lingo, just drag and drop design. 


5. Reliable Security and Technology

Squarespace security is powerful and the settings are simple. No loopholes to get into the backend of your website here! There are a lot of things out there to worry about when it comes to securing your website and any information located there. But did you get into business to spend time researching SSL certificates and loopholes? NOPE. Me neither. So it stands to reason you'd want someone taking care of this very important detail for you. And, since Squarespace is in the website hosting business, to protect you and their business they spend a lot of money on making sure it's done legally and correctly. Frankly, since this is a non-design-related website maintenance task, I'd rather have the pros handle it! Here are some FAQs that can shed even more light on this subject. 

Their platform also utilizes robust technology for hosting and maintaining your site 24/7. This means no down time or broken plugins on your website ever!! You won't be sitting one day having to figure out how to fix your broken website, wondering if your site has a setting somewhere deep in the code that's just one character off.... and then someone is visiting your site for the first time and they get the dreaded 'website is down' message. Boooo. Nightmare situation. Your time is valuable and you don't have time for that. 


6. Incredible Value

Some of the first questions people ask about any builder is this: What does Squarespace cost? and Is it worth the cost? There are two ways to look at cost here. Obviously you can see what the monthly and annual fees are for hosting your site with Squarespace, that's easy. But what about the value? That's the key to getting your money's worth. If you were to add up all of the costs to setting up and maintaining the backend of your website (all by your lonesome), it's far more expensive than hosting with an established company that specializes in it. You won't be paying a la carte fees for themes, plugins, web designers to maintain and fix issues, separate hosting, and the list goes on. I pay a grand total of $216 a year for my site and never think twice about what I am getting. It's all included! Not to mention the time and money savings we talked about in #5. So, if you look through the feature lists below I think you'll see that the value in designing a website on Squarespace is really exponential! 


They have several options depending on what your needs and purpose are. As you can see below there are a ton of features and services provided for your hosting fees. There are discounts for paying the entire year in advance, and because I am a member of Squarespace Circle, my clients receive an additional 20% OFF of their first year payment!

In addition to all of this value, Squarespace offers a free 14 Day trial to try out all of their amazing features.


7. Robust Built-In eCommerce

Oh eCommerce! This part of setting up your business can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you aren't sure what all of the options even mean. This is why we love the way Squarespace fully integrates everything right into their builder. If you have products and services to offer, this will give you everything you need. While they aren't an eCommerce specialist (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.), they make it incredibly simple to understand how to build and design your store. They even put together a great series of video tutorials to help you out!

Squarespace eCommerce is robust because of the options, features, and flexibility it allows for so many different types of businesses. Here are a few of our favorite features.

  • You are able to sell physical or digital products, and even services!

  • You have full control over variants. So, you can manage every color and size of your product, and how many.

  • Unlimited products is your store limit. Unlimited.

  • Managing your inventory is easy and it even alerts you if you are about to run out of available products.

  • You can create coupons and coupon codes to give your customers discounts (there are a lot of options for this!).

  • Shipping can be customized based on a flat rate, weight, or even carrier calculated.

  • Squarespace integrates with Stripe, Paypal, and Apple Pay.

  • Advanced sales tracking and analytics, so you'll always know where your sales are coming from.

  • You don't pay a fee for any transaction. That's right, you only pay the merchant fees from Stripe, Paypal, etc.

There are definitely more benefits and features to their eCommerce, but as you can see it's a pretty comprehensive set of tools. But even a powerful set of features still needs to look professional and beautiful, and just like the rest of your site, they will be stunning too.


8. Integrated SEO

True, Squarespace SEO is integrated, you don't need pesky plugins, and they do a lot in the background for you. However, you'll still need to look at the best practices you will need to implement on your site design in order to get the best results when going down the SEO trail to success. Fortunately, Squarespace provides several areas for fill-in-the-blank Search Engine Descriptions and features such as those. So, here are just a few things you should be considering and actively tweaking over time as you monitor your keywords and analytics.

  • There are tools out there provided by Google to help with your keyword research. One good go-to tool is Keyword Planner. And try to rank not just for single words, but for keyword phrases as well. What are people looking for when they are searching for your business?

  • Your headings and titles should incorporate your keywords and phrases naturally. And no need to put them on repeat. Google knows.

  • Make sure you are putting descriptions into the settings of every page and weaving in your keywords there as well, and don't duplicate them!

  • A very important piece to SEO is to create a Google Search Console account. You can then submit your site to Google for indexing.

  • You will want to do this vital task for Bing as well.

  • Ideally, you will want to be incorporating your keywords and phrases into your homepage copy, blogs, and product/service descriptions in an organic, authentic, and conversationally natural way.

This can sound like a lot of work and feel daunting if you aren't even sure what half these terms are. I totally get it! Just take one step at a time and work on your site as you can. Going to Google's site can and will be super helpful when it comes to explaining what to do as well.


9. Mobile Responsive Design

Device View

Device View

Responsive design just simply means that your site will automatically adjust to all size screens and devices. You won't need to design an entirely separate mobile version of your site. However, there are mobile specific design options in the style editor, like menu background color, font styles, and menu options, that you can customize. There is also an option when editing your images where you can move the small circle on the image to change the center point. This is useful in adjusting for responsive design. Squarespace is pretty good about moving items around to adjust to each screen size but you'll want to check your site, not only on the Device View feature you see here during editing, but on your actual devices to be sure things are looking the way you want. 


10. Built-In Analytics

Squarespace has a pretty impressive analytics platform considering it's a DIY website builder. With just a few clicks you can integrate your Google Console account and see it with your Google analytics as well! Here you can check out how your site is being found, browsed, and used. There are metrics for anything from how many people visit your site to where they are located in the world. You can track popular content, mobile device vs. desktop usage, traffic sources, social media clicks, search engine queries and keywords, revenue, button clicks, and much more. And all of this is completely built into Squarespace and easily accessible from the main menu of your site!

squarespace analytics.png

11. Flexible Built-In Blogging Tools

Blogging is one of the best and most effective ways to get all of that amazing knowledge you have about your products and services into the hands of your customers. It also adds valuable and unique content to your website on a consistent basis. This leads ultimately to two things: much better search engine ranking, and trust and credibility with your followers (aka potential customers). Squarespace has easy to use and powerful blogging tools all built in to your website package and included in that one monthly payment you make. Now all you have to think about is sharing your expertise and communicating your value. There are so many reasons I love blogging on Squarespace! And here are some of my favorite benefits:

  • The blog pages are just as gorgeous as all of the other pages on your site.

  • Quick drag and drop editing identical to editing the rest of your site. Seamless.

  • Categories and Tags make it easy to create summaries throughout your site of specific content.

  • The sheer volume of resources, forums, customer support, videos, and other helpful info is readily available.

  • Analytics, analytics, analytics. You can track each blog separately with the same accuracy as described above.

  • SEO is built in to this too! Although, you will need to be sure to add descriptions, custom URLs, and keywords.

  • Rich Pins and social sharing is already built in for several popular social platforms.

  • You can schedule blogs for autopublishing on a later date, as well as saving drafts for finishing later.

  • Choice of how you will moderate comments and integration of Discus available as well.

  • You can add more blog authors that can contribute to your blog through their own login.

  • Customizable share buttons to match your brand colors and style, complete with share counts.


12. Convenient Free Squarespace Mobile Apps

Squarespace has free mobile apps! While you most likely won't be blogging or posting from your phone, it can be very helpful to have the ability to check your analytics, sales, inventory, or post a quick note on a blog draft while on the go. I use the analytics app all the time and it's great! These are a little extra feature to having a Squarespace website, but can prove valuable in many situations.


Whew!! That's a LOT of features.

Now look, there are SO many more benefits, features, settings, and customizations you will love when you design your site on Squarespace, but this should give you a solid overview of how it can be advantageous to you. And of course, per the title of this article, why we ultimately chose to structure our design business around Squarespace Web Design! We absolutely love helping small businesses maximize their exposure, tools, and content by designing stand-out websites on this robust platform. I hope you found this valuable and take them up on their 14 day free trial to check out this amazing company for designing your website! And if at any time you feel you need an experienced designer to come alongside you, we would love to help! And don't forget, our clients get 20% OFF their first annual payment for hosting with Squarespace. 

Ready to dive into building your Squarespace site?

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meet the author

Jessica Madrigal is the owner and co-founder of Salted Orange Design. She designs custom Squarespace websites and graphics for small businesses who want to grow their business, reach their audience, and get that dream site designed without the overwhelm! She has been designing websites and graphics for 5 years. Find out more about partnering with Jessica and Salted Orange Design below!


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